Its true, its not hard to find a margarita special in this town. But Sago Modern Mexican at the Triangle has them all week long with variety to boot!! AND its all day long - so no matter what time we hard working girls get off of work, we will never miss another happy hour.

Monday - $3.50 Rasberry Margaritas
Tuesday -$3.95 Margaritas on the rocks.
Wednesday - $3.95 Frozen Lime Margaritas
Thursday -$5.95 House Mexican Martinis
Friday - $4.50 Frozen Blackberry Margaritas
Saturday - $3.95 Frozen Strawberry Margaritas
Sunday - $2.95 Mimosas, $3.50 Frozen Lime Margaritas

It might just be the best 14oz this side of the border. Oh and don't forget the ceviche!

Sago Modern Mexican
4600 W. Guadalupe

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