K.G. Sushi Train

Ever go out for Sushi and want to try everything on the menu? Or want it brought you faster than your nice server can get it out to you? For sushi lovers, its tough to be patient. But you're in luck - Austin now has its first sushi train restaurant! You sit at the counter and sushi comes to you and you pluck it out of the lineup.

Here's how it works:
1. Choose your dish from the belt.
2. Serve yourself and enjoy!
3. Stack your plates
4. Check out with the wait person!

How great is that?! And since K.G. Sushi Train is celebrating their Grand Opening Week, you reep the benefits! ALL dishes are $1.50. Bring on the Spicy Salmon! The special runs through January 27th!

Try this unique dining experience and then tell us how it went.

KG Sushi Train
6519 N. Lamar


Brett said...

OMG, I am so there when I come to town next month. I love conveyor belt sushi!

Lindsay said...

That's awesome!!