Melting Pot, Monday is Ladies' Night!

If you have ever been to the Melting Pot, you'll know its an experience like no other. It's fun, it's delicious ... but it also takes a bit out of the budget. But not to worry, every Monday is Ladies' Night at the Melting Pot - perfect for you're next happy hour! Cheese Fondue, the Entree portion and Chocolate fondue for $23 per person! As well as HH drink specials. Who doesn't love a little fondue in their life!

And if you just happen to make it any other day of the week, their weekly specials include the following:

1/2 price cheese fondue and chocolate fondue plus drink specials at the Bar Top.
Sunday - Thursday: All Night
Friday and Saturday - 5pm-7pm & 9pm-11pm

Bon Appetite!

Melting Pot
305 E 3rd St

13343 N Highway 183



Mike Swartz (owner) - The Melting Pot said...

Thanks for the mention. I look forward to seeing you in the restaurant. Good tip about Fujiyama. I haven't been there but I think I might try it out.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, wish I could have come! :( I was not feeling well at all yesterday. Yum, chocolate fondue. :P

shana said...

good for you, Vanessa, its every MONDAY! And thanks, Mike, we appreciate you stopping by - we love the Melting Pot!

Kirra said...

My Birthday is on a Monday... Hmmm