Why We Heart Austin!

Budget Travel has a feature on Austin: 25 Reasons We Love Austin. You can find the online article here: http://tinyurl.com/celyfp . Its a great idea to hit up places we haven't yet been or old haunts we have not seen in awhile.

As we know, there are far more than 25 reasons to love this town.
How about that first beautiful day after a long cold spell or cloudiness, everyone hits Town Lake or Hula.
The wide array of tacos at Taco Deli.
Newcomer -the tiniest bar in texas!
The 78704.
A night with your closest pals at Polvos.
Longhorn Football Tailgating.
Whole Foods WORLD headquarters.
Deep Eddy Cabaret on a Friday night, where worlds often collide.
The fact the city never truly sleeps.
Constant music gigs ... big and small.
Hippies, Yuppies Unite.
The list could go on forever...

But now we beg the question, what are your most favorite things about Austin?!

Cheers to keeping Austin weird!!


MrMartinsClass said...

Great ideas! Please keep this going as I'm going to pass this on to the wife and women around me. We've been wanting a frugal guide for families, but you have some good things growing here.

Best of luck to the blog and enjoy yourself! Thanks.

el_twirpo said...

beautiful day at hula. YES, please!