Strut Remoldeling Sale!

We have posted about Strut before, but wanted to give you a quick head's up! Saturday, January 24th - Strut on S. Congress is having a Remodeling Sale. Everything in the store is $10!! So get on it! All the good stuff won't last long!

And just in case, you weren't hip to the know, Strut's Lamar location has a sister store Hush Hush. If you can hold out for your favorite Strut styles, Hush Hush will soon have them. It is the "bargain bin" for Strut! Word is they have great sales, say "Everything in the store is $5" ... earrings will run you about $2 and shoes about $10. What are you waiting for, hit the stores, ladies!

Strut Remodeling Sale
3100 S Congress
Austin, TX 78704

Hush Hush (Next to the S. Lamar Strut)
2200 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 383-9010

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